Happy Raksha Bandhan

Dear Bhaiya,

In this whatsapp era, who writes a letter, when the person is just a call away? But I hope you find this letter in pink of your health. How are everyone? How’s your studies? Well, everything’s fine here, and I hope you too are sailing in the same boat.

I remember when I was in my late childhood, back then mom used to dictate me sentences which i was supposed to write on an A4 size sheet, with a neat handwriting and zero errors. Not much acquaintance with the language made me repeat the same words over and over. From getting my letter proofread by the whole family to quietly posting it by myself, we grew up. I no longer think what I will write, or how will you react. Conversations have become much deeper. Letters now play an emotional role in my life. I can probably write anything and everything. So like every year, I am writing you this letter, and to break the monotony of the previous ones, I won’t send the instructions for Didi. Because by now, didi would have already spoken up my list even before the letter arrives.

Bhaiya, we have had a lot of memories together. Some day, instead of posting, I’ll tie you the rakhi, and there I would not have to write a letter.

Give my regards to everyone.


Yours loving sister,



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